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Intro to Autism Optimism Boutique & Blog

Pearl Stokes

     Welcome to the Autism Optimism Blog! This blog will be updated regularly with visits from guest bloggers. They'll range from professionals, to parents and friends who have all been positively affected by the Autism community and have advice, tips, and encouragement to share.     

     Autism Optimism Boutique was created to provide gear that encourages comfort, joy, acceptance, and awareness within our communities. Our "Puzzle Heart" design is a reminder that we simply "Let Go, and Let God" take control of our hearts and steer us in the right direction. When we are in the deepest struggles of figuring out how to best assist our children, students, and adults with special needs, we pray you find that strength in knowing God loves us all unconditionally despite our differences and abilities.

     As the owner of Pearl Street Boutique & the Autism Optimism Blog, I strive to bring comfort, joy, acceptance, and awareness through my unique products. I am a former Special Education teacher, currently staying at home with my young children. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching and wanted a way to continue to reach out to special needs communities. It is October 2018, and my new shop is currently in its baby stage but has every intention of growing and reaching out to communities yet to be discovered.

     Last year, I created an online Etsy shop ( that contains multiple products, one of which was the "Puzzle Heart" design. This heart shaped puzzle design honestly happened by accident as I was learning editing skills for designing shirts in my shop. When I made an editing "mistake" I realized how much I loved the design and began applying it to t-shirts. This design (now available on Amazon!) has become a best seller for t-shirts, and my customers regularly confirm that it encourages positive motives, awareness, and discussions about Autism. 

     Many of us know that the life of an autistic person can be extremely challenging at times for both the person and their loved ones. We desire their comfort and safety, but strive to encourage independence where it can be achieved. Each person on the spectrum has his or her own unique abilities and there is not one way to assist each of these persons the same way.  We hope you enjoy your journey and check in with us often to stay updated on our latest products, new designs, and words of encouragement.

Many Blessings,


P.S. Please visit our main page for Pearl Street Boutique here.

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