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In the World of Autism-Momhood

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Written by Guest Blogger, Shannon Biancamano


Lots of new faces from all sorts of new places, so I think it's time to introduce myself again

Hi, I am Shannon! I am a wife and mom to four littles that are growing oh so super fast, and if you could tell me the secret in slowing it down, that would be great! 

I recently finished school in the behavioral health field, run my own part-time business as an educational autism advocate {Behavior and Me Advocacy, LLC} I virtually help families with their children's I.E.P's, accommodations, modifications, etc.. I love creating printables to share with others to help them feel organized in the special needs roller coaster world we call life. I also work in the field of ABA as an ABA therapist. I am an autism mom and share my experiences, documenting our days in photos, laughter, tears, and caffeine is always welcomed. You can find most of our day to day life and adventures in autism over on my Instagram feed and Facebook page, Life with a Side of Spectrum. I love writing and hope to one day finish my book and share it with others to help them feel less alone in the world of autism-momhood! It's a thing. 

My biggest priority is being a mother and wife. For me to be a good wife and mom, I have to feel as though my chaos is organized. I love organizing and getting my planner out and setting it up for the week. I have to fit in a workout. I have to fit in downtime with my hubby. I have to spend time just being present with my kids, some nights that may be a movie cuddled up on the couch together, other nights we might be in a heated game of Uno or Bingo. If I don't fit in those things, then I cannot focus, I am short with my kids, I don't have enough energy for another therapy appointment, soccer practice or gymnastics class, and nothing goes right. I am your regular ole' mom. I love diet doctor pepper, popcorn, and a good Rachel Hollis book or live stream. Most days I'm doing laundry, packing snacks for our next appointment, or filling up the gas tank yet again. I love learning, so I'm always reading a good book. I love connecting with others, sharing experiences on my blog and good quality products that help improve life with autism.

Self-care is essential, and I like to share positive, uplifting quotes and stories. This helps me stay in the right mind frame in many ways, away from my anxiety, but I hope to reach someone else that may need to hear the same words. 



I never thought I would trade in my camera, my previous career as a photographer to jump into the field I am in currently.  I felt it heavy on my heart to make that change, and with the support of my husband, I went for it. It's been amazing the people I've met, helped from all over the world thus far. It's so important that we advocate & educate, not speculate. Sometimes it’s hard to know if I’m doing a good job, as a mother we constantly question this right? As an autism mom, it's important to teach others to understand more about the spectrum, your child's rights and how to look at from an autism mom's view without the emotions clouding your sight. You cannot grow in anything if you don’t put in the effort, communicate, teach that or be an example. Be who you want your children to be, well I want them always to know they can advocate for their rights, educate others to help teach with love and respect. 

All in hopes to help others along the way but they are truly helping me more than they know. 

Autism hasn't broken me; it's made me more whole. It's helped me to see people in a different light. It helps build friendships; it's helped me see through the fakes ones. It's grounded me. Autism has its messy days, but I want parents to know that's okay because you get another chance at it tomorrow. My experience with autism is not comparable, and neither is yours. You are not allowed to compare your story to anyone else. YOUR child was meant for you, and yes you can be upset over what you wish it was or wish it wasn't, and guess what that doesn't make you a bad mom or dad. Grieving is a part of the special needs world that we are now a part of, and it sometimes comes out of nowhere. It's how we get up, react and go forward that matters the most. It's who we invite to come along for the ride, and it's who we are willing to say enough is enough so we can be happy. You are allowed to feel all the emotions when it comes to autism, just know what you are doing is enough. There is no perfect way to parent so let this be a reminder, don’t apologize for your child’s personality or the way they communicate. Don’t feel like you are failing because your not where you wish you could be in the journey. It will come, the speech will come & your child WILL do amazing things. I was there I was alone in my thoughts, I was worried I’d never heard him say “mom” or “I love you” let alone does he know what that means. I get it. I understand you. I see you. I was you. I’m still that same person & even have low days. It’s gotten easier only after the climb. We have to continue to climb & fight for their needs, & you know what there’s no better person to do that than YOU. YOU are enough; you are doing fantastic. YOU got this!

Breaks from therapy, those are fine. Take a day off for yourself, those too, are great! 

No matter where you are in life right now,  keep going friends. Keep doing you. 

You are not alone. It MATTERS if you are a stay at home mom/dad, it MATTERS if you're a working mom/dad. 



It ALL matters.  


I am enough, & so are YOU! 

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You can read more from Shannon Biancamano at Life With a Side of Spectrum and follow her on Instagram @lifewithasideofspectrum

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